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People who live in metropolitan cities have to deal with the busy life that’s handed to them. Trying to keep up with the daily struggles of city life can be a challenge and in order to deal with their daily stresses they need a place where they can unwind and refresh their mind.

People who live near the countryside however have an advantage as after a short drive, they can leave their busy lives behind to get some much needed peace of mind. Clear skies and open fields as far as the eyes can see provide them the rejuvenation that escapes them in the city. And if you too are on the lookout for such an experience, then travel to the Finnish countryside for that perfect holiday.

The serene views of the countryside and the tranquility of your surroundings will make the perfect break from your busy life in the city. The Finnish countryside has 75% forest coverage making it the centre of ecological tourism. These natural landscapes have increased Finland tourism and will continue to do so in the coming years.

There are also a number of farms that have opened their doors to tourists who have managed to sample the taste of traditional Finnish hospitality. Site back, relax and watch cows graze in the lush green fields or enjoy the peace and quiet as you gobble on the organic Finnish countryside food.  

So if you too want to have some tranquility in your life, this is your opportunity. With a number of activities to make your trip even more exciting, the sites in the Finnish countryside are awaiting your arrival. So get going and explore everything that this beautiful country can offer you.

Haltiala Farm

Get a taste of the great Finnish countryside with a visit to Haltiala farm. Take this opportunity to try new things and live the rural life for a few days. The farm cultivates traditional grains but they have kept the entertainment of tourists in mind and the farms also grow peas and a number of flowers in their fields. If you want to experience the reality of rural life, you can do it at the farm which allows tourists to pick produce for free. This activity is only available during the months of July-August and the dates may vary depending on the time when the peas and flowers are ready for harvesting.

The farm plants sunflowers, rye flowers, and even cotton. You will have a blast spending the day under the sun and experiencing a day on a real farm. There are signs all over the farm that helps you to easily get around the premises. The only downside is that there is a certain amount that each person can pick to ensure that the other visitors can also get their turn in this fun activity.

And since you’re on the farm you’d want to sample some of the organic delicacies that are available. The restaurant and café Wanha Pehtoori is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some great food after a day in the fields. All these things combined can make your trip to the Finnish countryside once great experience that you’ll always relish.

Fallkulla Farm

Built on the outskirts of Helsinki, this farm is a proper tourist destination in the Finnish countryside. It is almost at the edge of the city so you don’t have to travel far to reach this green haven. At the farm, you can familiarise yourself with lots of domestic farm animals such as sheep, goats, ducks, hens, horses, and pigs. Most of these animals are of the traditional stock that is native in Finland.

Each year, the farm welcomes over 60,000 visitors and is also open during school holidays. Young visitors can work on the farm, take care of the animals and even try their hand at gardening or yard work. If you are interested in crafts, the farm also offers some opportunities for you to work on some handicrafts. This is one experience that you would love and is more of a family-centric tour so take your kids along and let them get a taste of the real rural life.


This is one of the greatest settings for holiday in all of Savonlinna. Lomamokkila is located in the heart of the Saimaa Lake area and offers some scenic views of the surrounding countryside. It is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the great Finnish hospitality. You can either opt for the rooms or rent out the quiet lakeside cottages.

Since you’ll be staying on the farm, it would be worthwhile to enjoy the scrumptious delights that they offer on the menu. Most of the items on the menu are made from the ingredients produced on the farm and by using their own products, Lomamokkila adds a sweet touch to your trip to the Finnish countryside.

To experience the atmosphere of a real farm, you can go row boating or spend time in the sauna by the lake. The surrounding are provides many sightseeing opportunities and hence has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

You too can escape the hassles of the city and enjoy the perks of the rural life. Give this idea a thought and make the perfect plan. Go and enjoy the Finnish hospitality and marvel at the amazing sights of the area. Leave the polluted city air behind and breathe freely in the open air of the Finnish countryside.           

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