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That Europe tour you’ve been longing to go to is a tad bit more expensive than what you’d like. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the time of your life on your vacations. Here are tons of options that are still open. The world is big and there are plenty of places for you to explore.

You might want to stay at the Ritz but your money won’t last long. You might want to eat at the finest restaurants but your budget won’t allow it. Don’t let these trifle matters get you down. You can still get the best of your vacation by visiting some of the cheapest cities in the world.

So get your bags packed. You’re about to make the greatest expedition of your life.

Mumbai – India

India is widely known for its mystic culture and a colourful essence. Wouldn’t you just love to see the place and immerse in the glory of the past emperors. With a rich history and great culture, India has slowly taken its place on the world map. The best thing about this country of artistic renaissance is that it warrants a great vacation, at a reasonable price. So if you have a tight budget and want to accommodate culture, colours, artistic influence and great food in one trip, India is the place to be. You can visit Mumbai and get accommodations for as low as €25! New Delhi and Chennai also warrants low prices and a fun filled trip.

Kathmandu – Nepal

Everybody goes to Switzerland and slowly the appeal is wearing off. Although the sights might be great to behold, crowds of tourists are likely to kill the festive vibe. Well, that’s the case with most tourist spots in the world these days but there are some which have been preserved in all their entirety. One of such places is Kathmandu, Nepal.

When the busy life of city gets too much for you, it’s time to head over to Kathmandu for some much needed peace of mind. And it helps that the place is reasonably cheaper when compared to other cities. The artistic heritage and timeless culture of the city is an amazing experience for all. Whether you’re strolling through the crowded streets or trekking in the peaceful surroundings of Thamel district, you’d be left in awe of the sights and smells all around you. There’s just one way to describe it all, serene. There are a lot of hidden temples to explore or you can take on the adventure of a hiking trip to the Himalayas. Get in sync with your inner self and enjoy the experience of endless fascination. It helps that the city is so cheap. Accommodations start as low as €30.

Barcelona – Spain

Known as Spain’s largest city, Barcelona has had its fair share of fame. With a compact and well-laid out design, Barcelona is maybe one of the easiest cities to explore. The seaside city is the hub of culture and architect. It also gets added points for providing a great dining and drinking experience. The architectural treasures in Barcelona are worth the whole trip. The Roman-era Barcino is still present in the streets of the city. Just stroll through the back alleys and marvel at the soaring 14th century cathedrals, tranquil plazas and Gothic quarters. All in all, the city is a mix of ingenious creations and age old tradition. If you are in the search of artistic inspirations, which other city than the place that inspired Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

The nightlife is Barcelona transforms you into another dimension. There are limitless possibilities for enjoyment. You can take a walk down the beach and soak your feet in the lazy waves. For a lively atmosphere, you can just go to any bar in the city. Whether it’s jazz or indie-rock, the city will cater to your musical needs. Hit the clubs and get a chance to explore the nightlife of the city.

In spite of all the things that the city has to offer, the price for accommodations is reasonably low in the region. You can get a lively living quarter for as low as €40!

Chiang Mai – Thailand

Tourists travelling to Thailand flock over to Bangkok, which leaves the other regions of Thailand a little less crowded. All for the better. The city of Chiang Mai has long since been the secret spot for tourists who are on a tight budget. The cost of living in Chiang Mai is quite low and with a great weather, Chiang Mai is the ideal city to visit in Bangkok. It has a rich history and with a distinct culture in tow, the city is definitely a place to see. Even the healthcare in Chiang Mai is affordable, one of the biggest advantage of the region. You can spend a whole month in the city for as low as €850.     

The perfect blend of ancient and modern culture, Chiang Mai offers high rise buildings and mega mall, and nestled in between these are the ancient Buddhist temples. You’ll get to enjoy the serenity of the place and yet never feel cut out from the rest of the world. That’s definitely a trip you should take. Cheap accommodations are the speciality of Chiang Mai as you can get them for as low as €25. Now that’s a bargain!    

So if you’re travelling on a tight budget but want to get the most out of your travels, you really need to visit some of these reasonably priced popular cities.   

So what are you waiting for? The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you. Pack your backs and embark on the journey that’ll leave you satisfies and not make you break into your savings account. Who said travelling on budget isn’t fun? Travel to these cities, avail the amazing deals offered at Travel Deals Worldwide and quench your wanderlust.

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