Rekindle Your Romance in Paris

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When life gets too busy we all need a getaway to relax and unwind. Just the thought of leaving the world behind us to enjoy the wonders of the world is enough to refresh the mind. But the cherry on the cake is when you get to enjoy the trip with your loved one. With your partner, you’ll get to experience the thrill of the adventure and a chance to fall in love again.

It’s true that a busy schedule doesn’t leave enough time for lovers to enjoy each other’s company. The demands of work and family commitments don’t often leave enough time for partners to connect at a deeper level. So when life threatens to take over your relationship, it’s the perfect opportunity to break away and focus on your partner. And when you want to rekindle your romance, what better place than the seductive backdrop of Paris? Evoke just the right emotions and make your trip the most memorable memory of your life.

Though the whole city has a romantic aura, there are some places that can ignite that fire again. With your partner by your side, visit some of these places in the City of Love and indulge yourselves in public displays of affection. For some people it might seem cliché but the air of Paris is for lovers. So let’s get started and help you bring back the romance in your life.

Pont des Arts

Although there are numerous romantic places in Paris, nothing can beat the sights from Pont des Arts. It is the bridge between 1st and 6th arrondissements, links the Louvre to the south bank of the river and also known for the tradition of lovers attaching padlocks to the railings. Tourists used to  write or engrave their names on the padlocks, attach them to the railings and then throw the key into the river. Though the practise is not followed any longer, Pont des Arts still is one of the most romantic places in Paris.

The bridge provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area. The 360 panorama of the most famous Paris buildings such as Notre Dame and the Louvre among others makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic day out. As you gaze upon the sights you feel your heart fill with love. At night the view turns magical with distant lights illuminating the sky and the reflections dancing on La Seine. You’ll be left breathless. Just make sure you catch your breath enough to give your partner a romantic kiss to complete the picture.                

Luxembourg gardens

For an enchanting time in Paris just head over to the beautiful Luxembourg gardens. The French style gardens are decorated with geometric lines and shapes made up of flowers, grass, and even ponds. You’ll surely be mesmerised by the beautiful setting. When you want to spend a relaxing day out with your partner and enjoy the elements of nature, Luxembourg gardens are the best place for romantic walks in Paris.

The rest of the park has more of an English setting with huge trees and winding paths so lose your way in the parks and relish the feeling of being alone with your partner. If you are able to take your eyes off your partner, there are more than 100 statues to feast your eyes upon. Walk among the fountains and take pictures at the architectural highlight, the Davioud Pavilion. And make sure you visit the De Medici fountain!

Latin Quarter

Take a stroll down the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the past. Though many parts of the area are quite modern, you’ll find a fair share of establishments that still retain a touch of the past.

Well hidden in the heart of Latin Quarter, one of the most romantic places in Paris is Le Coupe-Chou. It is a maze of seven candlelit rooms that go through a vine-clad townhouse. Built in the 17th Century, the townhouse has the perfect aura of romance with beamed ceilings and antique decorations that adds to the charm. It’s the perfect place to wine and dine with your partner and the setting evokes the right emotions and makes for a great place to rekindle your love in Paris.     

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

One can never have enough of romantic walks in Paris. You finally have the time to enjoy your partner’s company and it’s better to make the best of this opportunity. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is one of the biggest green spaces in Paris. The extensive gardens and lush green parks are built on quarries. This gives the park quite a unique characteristic with the impressive steepness and frequent change in the level of the landscape which gives Parc des Buttes-Chaumont an exotic charm. Enjoy the serene views of the surroundings from a suspended bridge and seal your love with a kiss as Mother Nature watches over you two. Explore the caves and waterfalls at the park and enjoy the serene setting. As you walk among the trees, hand in hand, appreciate the stunning views of the city and give your trip another highpoint. This is definitely a place you’ll want to enjoy with your partner.

Eiffel Tower

Of course! You’re in Paris and so the Eiffel Tower should definitely be on your list of the most romantic places in Paris. Known as the symbol of love all over the world, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect place to give your partner a passionate kiss. You might have to navigate through the hordes of tourist if you visit during the holiday season, but it’s definitely worth it. Climb the tower to enjoy the spectacular view of the city and you must not forget to take the iconic kissing picture at the base of the tower. Finish your trip at a highpoint and travel back home with the fire of love flaming in your heart.        

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